The B’BRIGHT 25 is a line for highly efficient and precise cutting, breaking and grinding of large display glasses. The design offers not only a process-optimized line layout, but also various expansion options using upgrade kits.

Efficient line for maximum precision and productivity

  • Thanks to two grinding wheels per grinding head, rough and fine grinding can be performed one after the other to achieve maximum edge strength and quality
  • Short cycle times thanks to the simultaneous use of up to two tools on the same glass
  • High repetition accuracy and minimal grinding allowance with precise cutting- / breaking tool
  • High degree of automation with short changeover times
  • Excellent edge quality due to vibration-absorbing structure of the grinding machine


B’BRIGHT 25 Variant 1

High performance line for parallel production

B’BRIGHT 25 Variant 2

The 2in1 system offers maximum flexibility in breaking. It can be done either with or without a template.