Our software solution for the automotive glass production helps you to optimize and monitor your production processes. The Bystronic glass support team would be happy to create an individual upgrade package for you.

Advanced Control System (ACS) 3

SteuerungACS3 stands for Advanced Control System. It is an intuitive and user-friendly HMI (Human-Machine-Interface). Equipped with the latest technologies, ACS3 is free from keyboard and mouse operations. In addition, multi-touch gestures are supported.

Favorite parameters allow the users to create their own favorites with parameters for a quick access. The parameters can be organized into the 3 categories “tool, process and machine”. This eliminates scrolling through various menus.

The Job Change Assistant supports your employees with a menu-driven and self-explanatory workflow when changing jobs. This saves valuable production time.


Dashboard Fahrzeugglas AppsWith our pre-installed App package, applications like the “Job Report App” or the “Logfile Analyzer App” are immediately available for you. Extend the features and boost your performance with many add-on functions. Simply and quickly via our hotline!


Multilingual FunktionOur software solution has 11 pre-installed languages. Therefore it can be used out-of-the-box in all regions of the world.

Remote management

ACS Remote AppKeep everything in view with our remote management. Adjust and monitor up to 6 individual production cells from an external control station.