Technical Queries Architectural Glass

Questions concerning machines and plants frequently can be answered by phone. Our customers get technical support via our hotline at the central phone number

+49 – 7234 – 601 – 222

at the following times: Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 12.00 am and between 1.45 and 5.00 pm

Customers with a special service contract get separate phone numbers for an extended availability.

Our hotline team will guide customers in respect of technical know-how and professional advice

Note: To answer questions as quickly as possible, the machine indication number is required.

Thomas Litka

Languages: German, English
Phone: +49 7234 601-228

Amah Sitti

Languages: French, German
Phone: +49 7234 601-474


Regis Maire

Languages: French, German
Phone: +49 7234 601-449