Automotive glass components

  • Components for the pre-processing of automotive glass
  • Integrated into the line or as a stand-alone machine
  • Individual solutions

Additional offerings for the efficient pre-processing of automotive glass

For the pre-processing of automotive glass, Bystronic glass offers components that can be individually integrated into the line or work independently as a stand-alone machine.

Cutting and breaking of primitives

Exact pre-cutting and breaking of a defined number of primitives

  • As a stand-alone solution or integrated into the line
  • Cuts straight lines, diagonals and shapes
  • Automatic break-out of the primitive by means of the integrated vacuum cup
  • No formation of scratches or chips

Brush machine for pre-cleaning

Solution for the removal of lucite powder

  • Roller conveyor with AC transmission and frequency converter
  • Brush height manually adjustable
  • Brush drive with AC transmission
  • Vacuuming of the dust in filter bag
  • Available in various widths

Washing of the glasses and screen printing
  • Bystronic-glass-automotive-washing-2Full integration of washing and screen printing systems
  • Can be integrated into individual system solutions

Quality control

Quickly registering and precisely analyse the quality of the grounded glass edges with Grinding Quality Measure (GQM):

  • Precise registering of the chippings on grounded C-edges
  • Simple comparisons of the edge quality via the GQM quality number
  • Fast optimisation of the grinding parameters
  • Diverse areas of application during production as well as during the input and output inspection

Comfortable control in accordance with requirements

SteuerungComfortable CAD / CAM tools

  • Software packages in accordance with requirements simplify the programming
  • Quick digitalisation of model panes
  • Simple conversion of 2D and 3D automotive glass shapes
  • NC-TALK for the complete production monitoring and model download via the network

Open control concept

  • Excellent operating comfort thanks to the transparent control concept
  • Parameter inputs that can be individually specified
  • Horizontal and vertical integration of the production cells into in lines and systems
  • Simple visualisation of individual processes