champ’speed / 2in1

  • High degree of automation along with short changeover times
  • The champ’speed 2in1 version enables quick changeover between template and template-free production
  • Also suitable for solar glasses and glass for household appliances

The ideal solution for the pre-processing of automotive glass

The champ’speed enables the quick and precise cutting, breaking, grinding and drilling of automotive glass. The special feature of the champ’speed 2in1 version is its outstanding flexibility with regard to the premium edge break: It is the first machine in the world that can break glass with or without a template.


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Loading the unit

BeschickungManual or automatic loading of the automotive glass line

  • Optimised cycle times are guaranteed
  • Continuous production at full line capacity
  • Processing of diverse glass sizes
  • Integrated control and simple operation


Glass positioning / transfer

Glaspositionierung_TransferQuick and intelligent transfer of the glass plates

  • Either with overhead loading or robots depending upon the customer’s requirements
  • Quick transport of the glass plates thanks to precise vacuum units that are driven independently of one another
  • Direct, precise and quick glass transfer from cutting to grinding minimises inaccuracies in the grind prevents the wear of the grinding wheel



Cutting / breaking of glass

Precise cutting and material-saving breaking with and without a template

The champ’speed 2in1 version is the first machine in the world that is able to break glass with or without a template and can therefore flexibly and economically process the whole range of automotive glass: from large-scale runs of simple cuts through to small numbers of complex shapes and large radii. The line combines the advantages of breaking without templates, namely working flexibly with high precision in relation to glass breaking with a template offering both extremely high precision in the glass break as well as extraordinary quality.

  • Schneiden_BrechenIndividual cutting and breaking tools for short cycle times
  • Dynamic, maintenance-free AC servo drives for highly accurate cuts
  • Excellent cut and edge quality due to checking of the cutting pressure
  • Cutting speed adjusted to the contour
  • Special ball to break the glass for ideal quality of the breaking edge


Grinding the glass edges

SchleifenQuick and premium grinding of edges

  • Vibration-free mineral cast polar grinding station
  • Dynamic and precise maintenance-free direct drives belonging to the axis
  • Rotating table with direct drive, no play, no wear and no oil
  • Automatic system for the height adjustment of the grinding wheel
  • Effective cooling system ensures dry glass during the process
  • Optimised acceleration and breaking process with a processing speed of up to 40 m/min
  • Alternating grinding of two varying glass thicknesses thanks to pick up of two grinding wheels



Drilling the glass plates

BohrenVersatile drilling process for multiple drill holes with slanted edges

• Rotating, centred vacuum cup with AC servo drive

• High frequency spindles for high-speed drilling

• Automatic calibration and adjustment of the drilling head

• Automatic cooling and disposal system for the drilling water

• Extremely quick tool change thanks to a quick clamping device for drill heads

• Central lubricating system for all axles


Control unit

Simple and quick control of the automotive glass line

• A control unit for the entire cell

• Easy to operate via a touch-sensitive screen complete with USB and memory stick connections

• Based on the Windows XP operating system

• The control panels from various champ’speed units are exchangeable

• Various user levels for operators, experts and administrators