B’CHAMP – the new machine generation

Profitability in automotive glass pre-processing will now be redefined. The optimized functions of the new B’CHAMP generation enable you to enhance the efficiency in your daily production.

For you this means:

  • A yield that is greater than 98%
  • Minimised glass transportation times
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Reaction-fast software for minimizing downtimes
  • Excellent cost-per-unit ratio
  • «Green Production» due to energy recovery
  • Proven thin glass capabilities down to a 0.4 mm glass thickness

With best in market efficiency and flexibility, B’CHAMP provides the edge over your competition. Welcome to the Future!


B’CHAMP Brochure (EN)

Three completely new variants with numerous customized solutions.

This equips you for all of the pre-processing requirements of the future.

Secure an exclusive presentation now.

Don’t delay – take advantage of the improved productivity and realize the savings immediately.

Technische Unterstützung

Smaller Footprint – Bigger Business

Performance in automotive glass pre-processing will soon be redefined. By optimizing the key components for the glass processing in a linear manner, space is saved through ingenuity.

Superfast Changeover – High Performance

Flexibility and speed in automotive glass pre-processing will be redefined. The improved accessibility to the key components and the innovative software-based support dramatically improves changeover times.