Automated, integrated window production

  • Integrates the manufacture of insulating glass units into the production process of the window sashes
  • Automatic, vertical production of up to 800 window sashes per shift
  • Processes a wide range of window sizes and profile types

Direct glazing of window sashes

The automatic sash’line production line for window sashes makes a separate insulating glass production unnecessary: it simplifies the production process by gluing the glass plates directly into the window sashes and sealing the unit gas-tight.

  • Variable production sequence of rectangular window sashes
  • Washing and inspecting the glass plates is integrated into production
  • Precise application of sealing material including desiccant
  • Assembly, gas filling and pressing of the complete window sash in a single work step
  • Modular platform of the line enables adaptation to individual customer needs


Application of desiccant

The SashDri™ Applicator applies a desiccant in the window sash. This desiccant then absorbs any moisture encased in the window and prevents misting from within. The rotating nozzle belonging to the applicator even continuously applies material into the corner of the frame. The fast-reacting and volume-controlled dosing system ensures precise application with consistent quality.


Application of muntin bars

The Muntin Station is a conveyor for the manual application of muntin bars into the window frame. The station with its open design is simple to operate and automatically adjusts its height to match the different sizes of window frames.


Application of the sealant

The SashSeal™ Applicator applies the sealing material to the front and rear side of the frame equally, precisely and without interruption. The dual nozzle design, with its fast-reacting and volume-controlled dosing system, ensures consistently high quality.


Cleaning the glass plates

The glass plate washing machine cleans and dries the glasses in a continuous process. The slip and distortion free transport is performed by a synchronous drive system. The chainless brush and transport drives are located on the outside of the machine and water-protected and are therefore maintenance-free.


Inspecting the glass plates

A visual inspection of the glass surface is performed at the Inspection Station. The high-contrast illumination ensures a quick and reliable inspection. The station automatically adjusts its height to meet that of the glass plate.


Transition to window production

A swivelling conveyor connects the glass and frame preparation and ensures that the cleaned glass plates and the corresponding window sashes – that have been prepared with desiccant and adhesive sealant – are transported into the press together.


Assembly preparation

The preparation station provides the window frame and glass in order to maximise the performance of the downstream assembly robot. The split conveyor positions the frame in the middle and the glass plates on the outer sides.

Assembly of the window frame

In the final stage, the press that was exclusively developed for the sash’line merges the glass and frame into a window sash and simultaneously fills the unit with inert gas during this process.