Washing and drying of glass

  • Residue-free elimination of sulphide
  • Suitable for float glass, white glass and coated glass
  • Washing procedure without chemical additives
  • Space-saving thanks to vertical cleaning process

Clean performance for a clear view

The glass washing machines from Bystronic glass work in a fast, environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner having proved themselves thousands of times in all glass processing sectors.


Glass plate washing machine
  • With up to four separate brush-pair drives
  • Flexible adaptation of the brush-pairs to different glass thicknesses
  • Automatic coating recognition and brush-lifting equipment
  • Stainless steel design
  • 75 dB design
  • Suction of the moist air


And to go with it:
  • Energy-saving water circulating filter system for the recycling of the used water


  • Unit for the procurement of pure water