Encapsulation of thin-film modules

  • High-precision butyl application on the edge of the substrate glasses
  • Active moisture barrier prior to the laminating process
  • 24-hour operation without interruption
  • Can also be integrated into existing units

Encapsulate and actively protect against moisture

The photovoltaic’tpa applies high-viscous butyl onto semiconductor thin-film substrates, therefore effectively protecting the semiconductor against moisture. The machine accurately applies the material to the edge of the substrate glasses to a tenth of a millimetre prior to the laminating process. Two high-performance pumps ensure that the viscous sealing material is always available – for a real 24-hour operation.

The technology is based on decade-long experience in the construction of machines for the production of insulating glass, where thermoplastic material is applied as a spacer between the glass plates. In the solar power industry, horizontal machines as well as vertical designs are used for sealing all types of semiconductors.