Solar technology

A large part of photovoltaic module manufacture involves the handling and processing of glass. Bystronic glass can contribute significantly to ensuring that the units run smoothly and effectively over a period of many years. For more than 40 years, the group company has been synonymous with top quality innovative machines, units, systems and services in the glass processing industry.

Film-free TPedge module

Fixing of the cells by means of flexible adhesion points – omission of films and lamination – edge sealing via the application a thermoplastic material

Encapsulation of thin-film modules

The application of high-viscous butyl to the edge of substrate glasses is performed prior to the lamination process and effectively protects the semiconductor against moisture

Washing and drying of glass

Clean performance for a clear view, proved themselves thousands of times in all glass processing sectors: glass washing machines from Bystronic glass are quick, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient.

Multilayer encapsulation of solar modules

Encapsulation by application of a thermoplastic adhesive and sealant in the module edge area in two layers, one on top of the other – without lamination