The B’VARIO TPS and B’JUMBO TPS are individual production solutions for all types of orders providing unique versatility.

Inquiry insulating glass manufacturing

System solutions for insulating glass with thermoplastic spacer TPS®

The thermoplastic spacer TPS® is applied directly onto the glass by machine from a single drum as part of the insulating glass production. The width of the spacer can be changed as desired during operation without any time loss. Separate production processes for the sawing, bending, connecting, desiccant filling and butylation are no longer needed, saving both time and money.

  • Eliminates the need to stock different spacer profiles and connectors
  • Suitable spacer is always available
  • No offcut, no dirt, no waste
  • Production mix manufacture on a single line
  • Removes the need to split orders into standards and specials


Improvement of the U-value
by up to 0.3 points


Direct application

Direct thermoplastic spacer application onto the glass plate

Continual uninterrupted operation

Continual uninterrupted operation thanks to the dual-drum pump system with the material drum change taking place during production

Patented bevel joint

Patented bevel joint ensures a perfect primary sealing of the thermoplastic spacer, even on the joint

No production interruption

No production interruption when changing the spacer width or when dealing with triple insulating glass units with an asymmetric structure

Production of different shapes

Production of different shapes at the same consistently high quality standard

Accurate production

Accurate production of insulating glass units in the required package strength through automatic equalisation of glass tolerances