The B’VARIO FLEX and B’JUMBO FLEX are solutions for automatic production of gas-filled and sealed insulating glass units with flexible spacers.

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System solutions for insulating glass with flexible spacers

The flexible spacer is applied directly on to the vertical glass plate. The dynamic drive guarantees an extremely high level of accuracy during this process.

  • Synchronisation of the frame production with the insulating production process
  • Production sequence of rectangular or shaped formats as desired
  • Non-contact transportation of the glass plates via air cushion support walls


U-value improvement
by up to 0.3 points




The flexspacer’twinapplicator twin applicator for the non-interrupted production of insulating glass units with different spacer widths




flexspacer'applicator_FGS_1_150The flexspacer’applicator with storage for four spacer material reels and integrated air drying for the quick change of reels, even during operation




The cornersealer for the secure sealing of corners via fixing with tape strips as well as additional butyl sealing



Butyl application

Processing of T-spacers, FGS (Flexible Glass Spacer) and other spacers via the application of polyisobutylenes on the edge of the spacer on both sides