You can aim big with the new generation B‘JUMBO XXL.
The wise are registering immediately and securing an exclusive presentation of the new B’JUMBO XXL.

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Why make small toys when with the new generation B’JUMBO XXL you can make things giant size!

I.G. manufacturing in world record sizes will now be redefined. With a length of 18 m the world’s largest insulating glass units can be manufactured on our B’JUMBO XXL I.G. line.

Bystronic glass I.G. Manufacturing Line B'JUMBO XXL

Bystronic glass I.G. Manufacturing Line B’JUMBO XXL

  • Maximum glass size 3300 x 18000 mm
  • Up to 10 tons heavy units are possible
  • Maximum glass weight of an I.G. unit 600 kg per running meter
  • Integrated turning station for maximum glass sizes up to 12 m in length
  • »Green Production« with energy recovery and optimum energy efficiency on the line
  • FRAMEPOSITIONER for semi-automatic positioning and pressing of upper conventional spacer frame edge

Stay one step ahead of your competitors and manufacture I.G. or façade units in maxi sizes. Welcome to the Future!