It cannot be overlooked – the trend is always heading towards bigger insulating glass units and façade elements. That’s great, if you have a partner who is already providing the relevant solution for this.


jumbo’sealer – for the really big applications

Faster – Higher – Stronger! Bystronic glass is re-interpreting this classic Olympic motto by adding the phrase “bigger”.
The jumbo’sealer allows automatic insulating glass units sealing as well as facade elements measuring up to a maximum of 3300 x 9000 mm.


  • Comprehensive product range – double or triple insulating glass units, rectangular or shaped formats, up to 4-sided stepped elements
  • Dynamic mixer with a handling capacity of 6l/min regardless of the selected sealing material
  • Highest application speed of 60m/min at maximum flow rate
  • Completely homogenous sealing of the material through active, two way mixing of the components