Cleaning the glass plates

  • Continuous washing and drying of diverse glass plates
  • Stainless steel design with sound-insulated drying zone
  • External chainless brush and transport drives

Inquiry insulating glass manufacturing

Clean performance for a clear view

You can consistently clean and dry glass plates during the production of insulating glass with washing machines and pure water circulating systems from Bystronic glass. The separate washing and rinsing zone in the water circuits saves energy, which ultimately protects the environment and your wallet.

Glass plate washing machine


  • With three or four separate brush-pair drives
  • Alternating brush rotation directions for an ideal cleaning result
  • Stepless adjustment of the transport speed



Pure water-circulating systems
  • Reinwasser-WasserkreislaufanlageWith disc or gravel filters
  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving circulating filter system
  • Filtration of the smallest particles for an excellent water quality

Water treatment plant
  • Procurement of pure water for a thorough and protective cleaning of glass plates without mineral residue
  • Reverse osmosis procedure for the demineralisation and disinfection of city water and drinking water works without the use of chemicals
  • High pure water yield thanks to a special diaphragm module and return system