Processing of the spacer frames

  • High-performance bending robots for a wide variety of materials and spacer shapes.
  • Manual or automatic filling of the spacers with desiccant, butyl coating and glass positioning
  • Customer-specific machine designs with manual interventions through to fully-automatic components

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Bending, filling, coating and positioning of the spacers

The processing of the spacer frames is crucial for the subsequent quality and durability of the insulating glass units. We offer you a wide selection of highly productive machines – you decide on the methods in which you wish to process materials and shapes for yourself.

Bending the spacer frames
  • Operating machine with separate, downstream desiccant filling station
  • Processing of aluminium profiles, unfilled plastic profiles and stainless steel web spacers
  • Material savings through continuous spacer bars


Filling the spacers with desiccant
  • Perfect filling – automatic or manual
  • Automatic sealing of the drilling holes with butyl
  • Suitable for aluminium, stainless steel and plastic frames


Automatic application of butyl on to the spacer
  • Double-sided coating of rectangular and shaped frames
  • Automatic or semi-automatic application
  • Ideal coating quality
Manual application of butyl on the spacer
  • Double sided coating of rectangular and
    shaped spacer framesbutylextruder-1_300
  • Automatic nozzle head adjustment
  • Optimal ergonomical working conditions
Automatic positioning of the spacers on to the glass plate
  • Robot for the positioning of the butyl-coated, rectangular frames
  • Station for the visual monitoring of the cleaned glass plates with subsequent manual positioning of the butyl-coating frames
  • Both versions meet the highest quality expectations


Manual positioning of the spacer on to the glass plate
  • Quick and exact application due to vertical- and
    horizontal frame positioning girderinspector_VR-1_300
  • Automatic adjustment of vertical movable roller girder