Assembly, gas-filling and pressing of the units

  • Automatic assembly and pressing of insulating glass units, with optional gas-filling
  • Processing of different dimensions and profile widths in any sequence
  • Uniform pressing of double and triple insulating glass units

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Dynamic interaction of power and precision

The units are assembled in the penultimate step of insulating glass production process. The correct amount of pressure and utmost accuracy are both crucial at this point. With Bystronic glass robots, you can assemble your insulating glass units quickly and precisely and also have the option to fill them with gas. Select the insulating glass press that is most suitable for you.

  • Suitable for rectangular and almost all types of shaped formats
  • Processing of insulating glass units with a max. length of 6 m
  • Constantly high gas filling level, low gas flushing losses
  • Quick reaction sensor for permanent monitoring of the gas filling process
  • Also available as a tandem version for the simultaneous processing of two insulating glass units
speed’assembler – the quick gas-filling press specially developed for triple insulating glass
  • Simultaneous and synchronized filling of both spaces with inert gas between the lites on triple units reduces the filling time for each unit by half.
  • Processing all common conventional or flexible spacers including TPS®
  • With the tandem version of the speed’assembler, it is possible to create two gas-filled triple insulating glass units in tandem