Solutions for triple and quadruple IG units

The B’SPEED is a quick line for insulating glass production that produces triple and quadruple units in the shortest possible cycle time.

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Produce Triple and Quadruple units with the shortest possible cycle time

With the B’SPEED, the work steps are ideally designed for the production of triple and quadruple units and allow the quickest possible cycle times. As a result, the B’SPEED is able to produce triple insulating glass in the same time it takes other lines to produce double units.

Three production steps are decisive regarding quick production of triple insulating glass units:

Application of the spacers

The application of the spacers is performed by two tps’applicator components arranged one after the other. In order to achieve the maximum throughput, the thermoplastic TPS® warm edge spacers are applied to the second and third glass plates of the triple insulating glass units almost simultaneously. This ensures the continuous and quick supply of glass plates with spacers.

Gas-filling of the spaces between the lites

Innovative assembly robot for quick filling and pressing of the units for triple insulating glass production: The speed’assembler is the first unit to simultaneously fill both spaces between the lites with inert gas for triple units. This is beneficial to the cycle time as it reduces the filling time for each unit by half.

Sealing the units

The speed’sealer enables quick and flexible sealing of triple insulating units in two cycles. The dynamic mixer provides a maximum flow rate and so consequently, the highest application speed. This ensures that no equipping times occur to exchange nozzles when producing units with alternating or asymmetric spaces between the lites.