Accumulator and mains-driven glass suction frames

  • Use in chain hoists, cable hoists as well as in hall cranes
  • Usage with with either electrical vacuum pump or Venturi nozzles
  • Also available as accumulator-driven suction frames for mobile use

Practicable solutions for vertical handling of glass

These glass suction devices are ideal for the vertical handling of glass, for example in either storage or cutting area.



Product versions
Glass suction frames
  • Standard device for vertical glass transport of heavy and large lites up to jumbo sizes
  • Vertical handling of glass and removal from an insulating glass line
  • Available in versions with a lifting capacity of up to 2500 kilograms
  • Also available as a very light suction lift for the transport of lites in a lifting device
Glass suction frame GSR

Glass suction frame GSR

Vacuum lifter VHG 250

Vacuum lifter VHG 250



Accumulator-driven suction frames
  • Autarchic, battery-powered glass suction device for mobile use
  • Ideal for use on construction sites
  • Flexible use in diverse lifting devices
  • Variable combination of suction pads and connectors
  • Available in versions with a lifting capacity 220 / 600