One-column lifts

  • Manufactured using premium aluminium
  • Unparalleled easy handling
  • For quick and safe transport

Glass handling made easy

One-column lifts simplify glass handling thanks to their low dead weight and rigid guidance. The vacuum lifters are used in an X-Y craneway or slewing crane. All functions of the lifting equipment with a column are achieved pneumatically. The vacuum lifting technology works using Venturi nozzles.

Product versions
  • Enables unrivalled simple lifting, tilting (or inclining) and turning of the glass plates
  • Suction using Venturi nozzles or vacuum pump powered by compressed air
  • Available in versions with a lifting capacity of 150 / 250 / 350 / 500 kilograms


Easy-Lift Handy
  • For simple vertical transportation
  • Enables lifting, tilting, inclining and turning (also endless)
  • Available in versions with a lifting capacity of 150 / 250 kilograms







Easy-Lift WINDOW
  • 1464_bys_004_glasshandling_heber_gesamtansicht_fsSafe, simple and functional design with rigid handling equipment guidance
  • Accurate positioning via stepless, adjustable lifting speed
  • Vacuum creation through powerful Venturi nozzles which include a latching system for each suction pad
  • Functionally designed operating elements
  • Adjustable suction pads
  • Low dead weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-operate lift for the positioning and removal of vertical lites
  • Particularly suitable for the lifting and turning of smaller glass plates (up to 2 m2)
  • Possesses a lifting capacity of up to 250 kilograms



Lifting/turnover manipulator
  • Special equipment for the turning of lites by up to 180°
  • Can be hung into a lightweight craneway
  • Available in versions with a lifting capacity of 150 / 250 / 300 kilograms