Craneways and slewing cranes

  • Customer-specific X-Y craneway design
  • Optionally available with assembly
  • Slewing crane as a low price solution for working in a circular area

Craneways and slewing cranes integrated individually

We tailor and construct our lightweight X-Y craneways in accordance with your production needs. A slewing crane with Easy Lift supports the simple handling of glass plates and ideally supplements the installation.


  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASmooth-running with a large operating area
  • Different suspension possibilities available using existing structures or using separate supports
  • Available with a travel drive when dealing with heavy weights
  • With jib constructions or steel sub-structure where required


Pillar slewing crane
  • As wall or pillar slewing crane
  • Working length of up to 6 metres
  • Also available with a slewing drive when dealing with heavy weights
  • Height of the jib edge designed according to the customer’s requirements