Commitment to the environment

In order to fulfil its responsibility towards the next generations, Bystronic glass has made ecological commitment a guiding principle.

The ecological value-added chain

The manufacture of the machine and units, the operation of them and the end product that is produced on them – environmental management must be implemented at all levels of the value-added chain in order to be useful. Only once all three stages have been integrated into environmentally-friendly concepts, will glass processing be sustainable and effective from an ecological point of view.

Thanks to the ecological orientation, Bystronic glass has succeeded in making many processes in the manufacture and operation of its units more economically efficient. You can find many examples in our “Living for the Future” brochures (see PDF download on the left).


Energy savings on the end product

Insulating capability and longevity are the factors that are important for window, façade and automotive glasses from an ecological point of view. Our customers use Bystronic glass machines to manufacture products with these characteristics.

Environmental management for our customers

The production process is where most resources can be saved over the lifetime of a unit. Our customers can experience this every day when operating Bystronic glass units.




Ecological focus of unit manufacture

Last but not least, Bystronic glass makes use of resource-conserving production and ecological valuable concepts during production. As early as the manufacture of the machines and units at our premises, we pay attention to acting in an energy-saving and sustainable manner.